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At Storyfied, we are surrounded by startups on a daily basis and the one thing we know and love is that every startup has a story to share – be that advice, inspiration or even what mistakes to avoid along the way.

By sharing your startup story, you are also going to build your brand equity, build loyalty, attract customers and start getting your brand and your business talked about.

The story behind what you do and how you got there is always much more interesting than what you do itself. Isn’t it time you capitalised on that?

We’ve seen it all, from epic novels to short, stilted sentences, and a whole lot more in between; so here are some top tips to help you get the ball rolling, and start sharing your startup story!

Begin at the beginning

All good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. A brand story is no exception.

Rather than jumping straight into what you do i.e. “we are a business that provides x for x people”, start thinking about telling the whole story to give your audience the maximum chance to engage with what you do.

What was that starting point? How did your business come to be? What were you doing at the time when you came up with the idea? How have you ended up where you are now?

By starting from the very beginning, explaining how you found your way, you will bring your reader along on your journey with you.

You become the hero, and we all love a good hero’s journey. It makes for a much more compelling read, and gives us someone to champion to succeed! Use it to your advantage.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”

Was once said by Oscar Wilde; and nothing is more true when it comes to telling your brand story.

Often when we write, we try to come across as we think we should, rather than as we actually are. Being honest and true to who you are will help you better convey brand story and you will also find it easier to write.

It may take a few attempts, a few revisits and edits, but slowly and surely you will find your own tone of voice and a writing style that works for you.

Often we try to create a “brand personality or persona”; but as this is your business, and it should be infused with who you are. You came up with this idea, you created it, you are hard at work making it succeed. In order for you to convey an authentic brand, you need to convey an authentic version of yourself.

Write right

When it comes to business, there is a huge amount of trust invol

ved, and even the smallest error can go a long way to impact the first impression you make with a potential customer.

There is nothing as off putting as spelling mistakes or bad grammar.

If writing is not your strong point, then get some help to take it off your to do list.

Sites like or can be a lifesaver in these occasions, as can using interns or simply just putting a shout out to your network to find a copywriter.

Make use of the resources available to you, and turn something you find an obstacle into an opportunity.

A picture tells a thousand words

We are visual creatures. 33% of all online activity is spent watching video content, and Instagram has 600 million active monthly users.

A picture literally has the power to tell a brand story, so make sure you are using yours to your full advantage.

Use compelling, high quality images & video in the correct format for the channel or medium you are sharing them. You can also use images that reflect the colour palette or tones of your branding to help to build a consistent visual identity for your brand, and increase your brand memorability.

You no longer need to be a photographer or graphic designer to create great images (although it helps!) Sites like and apps like wordswag are great for helping to find stock images, customising images or creating great instagram posts.

Lastly, it’s always good to stockpile relevant images when you find them – you never know when they may come in handy. Rather than scrabbling around trying to find a last minute instagram post, create a folder with relevant images and colours that you can use in the future, and you will never go short.

Now you are armed with our top tips – we hope you go forth, boldly inspired and armed with your most compelling brand story to share at every given opportunity.

Your startup stories are your legacy, and will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, so make sure you do yours justice.

Happy Storytelling Folks!

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