How to set up a business email address: what you need to know

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A professional email address can be essential in promoting the credibility and trust for your business. As a new business, creating a brand that resonated with your target market is crucial. A suited website and email address is a huge part of this.

Your email address will be seen on your website, your flyers, your marketing material and by everyone you email enquiring about business. It’s important to get it right.

The name you would like to be addressed by should be at the beginning of your email address. This will allow senders and respondents to speak to you more personally and directly.

A dedicated business email address that includes your business name allows respondents to identify that the business itself is a distinct entity and there is no opportunity for confusion between messages that flow to and from the business and those that are received by a private individual.

Thankfully, setting up a business email is done at ease and isn’t expensive.

You must first register a domain name that is relevant to your business. If you already have a website, this step will be complete.

Setting up multiple mailboxes can allow you to assign an address to everyone in your company by using the same domain coupled with a prefix.

You can also use mail forwarding so that any emails sent to your company address can be forwarded on to a more convenient address.


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