Our Story
The world is changing. 100 million new business are created each year, that’s over 3 a minute!

Entrepreneurship is a worldwide movement and at the heart of it are the stories of hard work, passion, creativity, determination, and success; people who want to change the world and make it a better place, one idea at a time.

We believe every entrepreneur & startup has a valuable story to share.

This is why we have created Storyfied – a brand new concept in startup PR and marketing.

Storyfied is a subscription platform that allows you to publish and share your start up story with the world.

“Marketing is storytelling”

Sign up, choose your package, share your story and we will help you promote it with our global community of potential customers, investors, journalist and fellow entrepreneurs and beyond; giving you a cost effective way to publicise and market your new business. Each package allows you access to our community forum, which let’s you surround yourself with like minded founders who you can inspire you and can help support you as you startup your business.

At Storyfied, we are passionate about helping people who have the will to put themselves out there and succeed; and everything we do is designed to help startups succeed, by sharing their stories and showing how their innovation will impact and change the world!

My Story

Hi my name is Lesley Bambridge.
I am the founder and chief storyteller at Storyfied.

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At Storyfied, we only use startup businesses to help us and these guys have been instrumental in bringing the Storyfied idea to life!

Storyfied Partners

VISUAL NATIVE | Graphic Design
We designed the Storyfied website.

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We built the Storyfied website.

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