Marketing your Start-Up to Success

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Effective marketing strategies are often the difference between a start ups success and failure. Large and small businesses all over the world are facing an ever more complex and evolving consumer. In order to stand strong and get the attention of your target audience you must embrace innovation, disruption and the technological age.


Read on for 3 crucial marketing lessons for your start up…


Have a clear brand message


First impressions count. Make sure you’re giving the impression you want to make first time. You want everyone who sees your business to know what you stand for straight away. Whether that be when the enter your website, when they come across your social media campaign or see your products.

Create a brand message and make sure that everything that your business does screams it.


Tailor your content to your target audience


A successful business understands their clients and knows that what works for one will not work for all.

Understand what your target audience want. What will make them happy? What will make them sad? What are their aims? What is their favourite pass-time? The more you understand about your target audience, the more able you are to access them and make a sale.


Embrace Technology


Recognising that the world is changing and then changing with it is imperative. Successfully creating a community around your brand, product and company can be the ground that leaps your business to success. The phrase ‘Out of site, out of mind’ rings true with the new generation of consumers. The majority of consumers spend hours a day online, allowing thousands of competitors to contact them and tell them why they’re the better option. By not investing in building your online social presence you risk being forgotten or not even heard.



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