How to Make it on the Web: Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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Choosing a suitable domain name for your start up can be a make or break moment. Choose the perfect domain name potential clients will find you easily, be interested and trust your website. Choose the wrong domain name and you risk your website being impossible to find, loose the interest of clients and appear as untrustworthy.


So what makes the perfect domain name?


Make it SEO Friendly

As a new business starting out, it can be incredibly hard to create a web base and rank on search engines. This can be made all the more hard if you choose a low SEO ranking phrase that won’t be searched by anybody. Search engines are essential in creating traffic onto your website, especially in the early days.


We do understand, however, that many will want to call the domain name the business name, which is often not the most SEO friendly combination. All is not lost. If you stick as much within the following guidelines you will still have a strong domain name.


Make it easy to type

You do not want a web address that is complicated to type. Too many underscore, use too much slang or words with spelling mistakes, it is likely that you potential clients will be lost on the web before they have reached you.


Make it short

Following on from the keeping it simple point seen above… keep it short and simple. The less there is to write out the less there is to go wrong.


Make sure your target market love it

Try to consider if your target market are going to like you domain name. If it excites them, or makes them interested before they have even reached the make: you’re winning.


Make it memorable

Make you domain name catchy and memorable. The easier it is to remember the more likely it is they are going to come back and become a client.


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