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Tell us your business story to date...

YourMind is a platform created with the belief that everyone should have tools and help to look after their mental wellbeing.

The idea for YourMind started a few years ago when, after telling my friends and family that I was suffering from symptoms of anxiety, I realised that many people around me were facing similar struggles. Too many people think that they should deal with it alone: “if it isn’t bad enough to require medication then surely it isn’t worth making a fuss about?”

I told myself that if I could go from dreading my daily commute on the tube to using it as a productive part of my day, then others could too. And so YourMind was born.

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How will your business change the world?

Mental health is only now starting to get the attention it deserves. In the UK alone, more than 10 million people suffer from mild to moderate anxiety and depression, and a further 6 million suffer from acute forms. These numbers could be dramatically reduced if user-friendly information and solutions and education were available.

For most people, the key hurdles to mental wellbeing are time, money and stigma. Many believe that they should “deal with it” and don’t have the time or financial resources to see a therapist or look for information.

YourMind aims to overcome these barriers by providing easy tips and access to affordable therapy, wherever users may be.

Tell us about your products/services in more detail...

YourMind provides mental wellbeing support for all areas of a young professional's life.

Our tips and tricks help users to deal with day-to-day topics and difficult feelings. It also opens their minds to the fact that mental wellbeing is something we all struggle with, and which should be taken care of in the same way as our physical wellbeing.

Our Skype therapy sessions allow users to get the support they need at affordable rates, from wherever they are. Speaking to friends and doing mental wellbeing exercises is helpful, but sometimes we need to talk to a professional. However, it's hard to make space for it in our schedules and budget. Even if we do find time, who wants to choose a therapist from a long, faceless list online? On YourMind, users watch a short introduction video for each therapist, book a free 20-minute taster session online and then can decide whether or not they want to go ahead with that specific therapist.

Our workshops in companies encourage people to be more mindful of their stress at work and teaches them to deal with it better. This is incredibly important given how much of an issue burnout has become - by investing in their employee mental wellbeing, employers are investing in the long-term success of their companies.

What has been the most fulfilling startup experience to-date? What did you learn?

The whole journey of setting up YourMind has been incredibly fulfilling.

The main thing that keeps me going is the reaction I get from people when I tell them about YourMind. So many can relate to the issue of wanting support for their mental wellbeing but not knowing who/what to turn to. I tell myself that I need to continue to create something that people can really rely on.

Workshops are also enlightening because they illustrate how quickly perceptions about mental wellbeing can be changed. The main feedback I get at the end is how amazed people are to realise that their peers struggle with exactly the same worries as them. I love hearing this, it makes me feel like every time we are making a small step towards removing the stigma around mental health!

Is there anything you can offer to help other startup businesses?

I was in Management Consulting for the healthcare industry for five years, so can offer extensive advice on how the healthcare market works in Europe.

I'm also really interested in mental wellbeing in the workplace and in helping employers create a stimulating work environment without burning out their staff.

Is there any help that are you looking for?

I am always interested to chat to anyone in the mental wellbeing space! More specifically, I am increasingly looking at partnership opportunities, so do reach out to if you are interested!