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Tell us your business story to date...

In July 2015 partially intentionally, to some extent by coincidence, Ivo and Miroslav (the directors) rented a whole property for themselves, however with the landlord’s permission, the brothers decided to sublet the other rooms on a rent-to-rent basis to working professionals. Consequently the brothers ended up with £300 profit after bills and free accommodation. They were pleasantly surprised and replicated that with another two properties.

After taking the third property, they decided to take the business to another level. Following some endeavours and a lot of perseverance the brothers started acquiring properties using the Airbnb management model growing to 30+ properties by September 2016. It was always their focus to create a win-win situation between guests, landlords and themselves as a premium property management company.

Correspondingly the company has initiated a customised dashboard of key performance indicators for individual properties; consequently this was put in place as there is no tool on the market to satisfy the organisations needs hence the tool was created.

Between August 2015 and August 2017 WinwInnKeeper acquired a total of 130 properties from which 15 are used for long-term tenants with a gross profit exceeding 20%. The second part is properties acquired with individual investors producing more than 30% gross profit, and the fastest growing segment of the business is properties on property management basis producing in excess of 60% gross profit.

WinwInnKeeper’s 3-year plan is to increase the portfolio of managed properties under this model to over 1000 properties.

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What can we look forward to seeing from you?

Having such a number of properties permits the company to start leveraging towards new potential clients by showcasing the ever-increasing present-day portfolio and scaling up the business to the next level.

The majority of WinwInnKeeper’s portfolio is based in London; nevertheless, the organisation is reaching out to other locations worldwide, leading to the acquirement of properties in the Dominican Republic, United States, France and Bulgaria.
This expansion reflects in the revenue per month being generated that was £32,786 in September 2016 to £273,136 by August 2017.

WinwInnKeeper’s 3-year plan is to increase the portfolio of managed properties under this model to over 1000 properties.

How will your business change the world?

Short-letting platforms such as Airbnb and require users that are dedicated to providing exceptional hosting services to attain the maximum potential return of investment. For example the average rate per a night for a long-term let within London is £74, however on the short-term letting market the average is £144. This showcases a huge difference in potential income generated by letting, therefore if you short-let your property using management services we aim to increase your projected revenue by 30-60% using the various tools and knowledge at our disposal.

Tell us about your products/services in more detail...

Who are our services for?
There are 2 types of clients WinwInnKeeper works for.
On-Demand Residential Landlords:
➢ Within central London there are over 500,000 properties - Airbnb management companies manage less than 0.02% of these properties.
➢ It has been found that 30% of Londoners go on holidays each year resulting in 2x more income generated from short-letting when away.
Developers and Institutional Investors:
➢ Small to medium developers - partnerships are offered when there are 2 or more units in one location. Properties that are advertised for sale can be short-let while buyer is found to increase occupancy rates.
➢ Flexible solutions - entire buildings owners can differentiate their portfolio by utilising a improved revenue/profit strategy.

How much do the services cost?
We provide 2 Service options:
➢ Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) - The service only covers 24/7 communication response
➢ Hands-off Host (H.o.H) - The complete service comprises of: 24/7 communication response, check-in, laundry (clean linen), cleaning, house guide and listing creation including updates, data pricing, property maintenance management, call out to the property for emergencies, operational supplies, home checklist, staging, photography/interior design and linen stock.

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Is there anything you can offer to help other startup businesses?

The business has mobile phone applications for both IOS and Android allowing potential customers to access WinwInnKeeper’s unique in-house built pricing calculator enabling users to instantly get access to understand how much their property can make using data, by identifying various aspects such as location of properties in a 0.3 mile radius, occupancy rate, average daily rate and number of guests to generate quote.

“WinwInnKeeper are innovators within the market due to various aspects of the business set-up. For example we are the only organisation in the market with in-house pricing software allowing employees to give instant assessments to potential customers regarding their property.” Explains Ivo Gospodinov and Miroslav Gospodinov, WinwInnKeeper founders.

Is there any help that are you looking for?

WinwInnKeeper are always looking to collaborate with industry partners to add value to the both sides of the collaborators. Currently we are open to collaborators within the Real Estate, Serviced Accommodation, Property Management Services, Rental Accommodation, Short-let Properties sectors. For example we recently collaborated with Guesty (Property Management System). Within this collaboration we produced a guest blog article and a insightful case study.