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Tell us your business story to date...

Well + Happy was born from fusing our knowledge of nutrition with our chocolate addictions. We wanted to create indulgent treats, which in turn love you back. Our chocolate is kinder to your body, your mind and to the planet, as well as being free-from all of the nasty ingredients and chemicals found in most high street chocolate brands. Since launching we've grown and evolved through listening to our consumers first and foremost - feedback has been key to us navigating our path to success.

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What can we look forward to seeing from you?

We're growing into more than just a chocolate brand. We're passionate about functional food, plants as medicine and fuelling your body with goodness - so for us bringing more products and opportunities to the market is totally our jam. Watch this space for new innovations and bigger focuses for Well + Happy.

What are the best and worst things about running your own startup business?

The best - there are days where I can snooze that alarm 7 times and have a glorious lie in without reporting to anyone.
The worst - there are days where i'm awake all night worrying about my business. Insomnia is a bitch, it ruins your whole week...

The one thing i've recently really taken on board as one of the best bits though, is the opportunity you really get to be completely present and in control of your own life. Setting up a business is of course hard work. There are of course long hours - but running yourself into the ground isn't cool and it doesn't breed success (one of the worst things about running a start up is the stories I hear other start ups telling each other - its breeding such a negative playground!) As hard and impossible as it seems sometimes, earning to be really present in terms of how you're feeling mentally and physically is a real gift we gain as entrepreneurs. Feeling burnt out? Then stop. Go to a yoga class, switch off your phone for a day or two. Heck - book an impromptu holiday for a few weeks... the whole operation is not going to fall over because you looked after you for 5 minutes! Its only going to lead to better things.

What tips or advice can you share for marketing your startup business?

Social media and marketing is something we've invested a lot of time and attention to at Well + Happy and are always being asked advice on.

Followers don't appear overnight - and its taken a while to grow our audience, but we always ensure we're living by our 3 golden rules: consistency, quality and listening. When you post pictures, updates, or send newsletters - make sure they're consistent. How many newsletters are you subscribed to that you read every single update, or check out every single instagram post? Not many - but the ones we do read, we sometimes engage with and take action from - so keep consistently talking to your crowd. Quality - don't post crap pictures, don't post rushed flaky articles and don't compromise on quality ever... it shows. Listening - most importantly LISTEN to your tribe. They'll tell you over and over again what they love and want to see more of. They'll also ignore what they dont like - so take a hint, listen, learn and adapt!

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Is there anything you can offer to help other startup businesses?

We're always happy to chat over chocolate. Since starting out i've asked, asked and asked some more. Ive bought countless coffee's, smoothies and dinners in exchange for advice and a little brain picking - and the networking I did has been key to growing for sure. I'd whole heartedly advise networking, ask questions, pick brains and say hello to industry colleagues - we're all just part of the same big happy family!

Is there any help that are you looking for?

We're currently in a high growth stage, which means we're scaling fast. We're always open to chatting to those of you interested in growing with us, collaborating and new business opportunities.