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Tell us your business story to date...

Playing the giant in Jack & The Beanstalk as a showoff ten-year-old, was my first experience of client engagement'. Of course, in this setting, the 'client' was my mum, dad, brother, sister and everyone else who came to watch my junior school Christmas play, but that isn't important. The immediacy of the audience feedback was toxic, and this signaled the birth of my creative thirst.

As a more grown-up adult, I entered the creative broadcasting space as a commercial radio DJ, soon crossing-over to hosting online TV & large scale music festivals. Ultimately, I was a hired face for independent entertainment brands needing a "charismatic" presenter, apparently.

In my personal time, I was an obsessive creative, always playing around with my camera phone, Photoshop and the most amateurish videos you could imagine. Eventually, this amateurish approach was refined a little, to the point where independent brands would ask me to do a little creative work for them. I did.

I still do.

Having produced creative content for emerging entrepreneurs, successful businesses and mainstream brands including Lucozade, Gap & Q-Magazine, I also produce original video content for my own brand, distributed through YouTube.

Today, I am a multi-discipline creative: my specialisms being content creation, photography & PR. Oh, also, as a former radio DJ, you'll occasionally find me delivering the odd public talk at colleges or on panels. Can't pretend I don't love that.

How will your business change the world?

'Change the world' might be a stretch, but every day, I try to change perceptions. My biggest driver right now is exploring the world of 'strangers'. An increasing amount of my personal projects are geared towards me interacting with and sharing moments with strangers. In the last two years, I've been overwhelmed by the kindness and warmth you can access through strangers, and so, moving forward, I plan to share these experiences with others and hopefully, encourage them to explore the magic of strangers, too.

What tips or advice can you share for marketing your startup business?

Look around you and ask, "what are my fellow competitors doing".

Whatever the answer, don't do that,

What tools & resources have helped you in your startup journey?

Social media has been incredibly powerful, as a means of (a) self expression, (b) collaboration, (c) accessing press and (d) attracting commissions.

There are many other resources that have assisted me, but as you literally can't open the internet without seeing my face somewhere, I'll limit myself to that. For now.

Is there anything you can offer to help other startup businesses?

Branded storytelling is my most effortless skill, which, to my lasting joy, has enabled me to attract mainstream press coverage, including Red Bull & London Live, plus coverage on national radio and leading digital creative platforms such as Creative Boom. Equipped with this experience, I'd be delighted to drink coffee and eat cake with any startup desperate to unlock their story is a way mainstream press can't resist.

Additionally, I have been commissioned by emerging entrepreneurs & businesses to undertake their photography needs, whether that be the functional requirement of a powerful Linkedin portrait or the more customer-facing requirements of product/service imagery. My portfolio of skills span portrait, lifestyle, beauty, food and experience photography.

Is there any help that are you looking for?

I would love to collaborate with creative videographers. Many of my personal projects are self-filmed, so partnering with video talent would be a welcome relief.

Firstly, however, I'm asking everyone on this wonderful startup platform to say "hi", so we can go and eat cake.