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Tell us your business story to date...

Carsnip is aiming to revolutionise car search with greater consumer choice, performance only costs for retailers and tools to compare costs in a simple way. Founder Alastair Campbell was frustrated with the fact that not all cars for sale were actually listed (less than 60%) on the classified websites and the search facilities were out of date and unintuitive. It was impossible to search for something as simple as "7 seats £20000" but instead the consumer had to know which cars had 7 seats and how to find those cars.

Further research showed that 76% of consumers felt the same and that many car retailers were frustrated by the high costs of classified listings.

Carsnip was established to achieve two things. Bring choice and better search to consumers, pass relevant consumers directly to the best vehicle and retailer and only charge the retailers on a performance model. Think Google for cars.

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What has been your biggest lesson from your startup journey...

Starting and building up a business is very hard work. The concept or idea is not the difficult bit for me – I have plenty of these. Choosing one, identifying the opportunity and defining the market while winning the trust of investors, key hires and co-founders; that’s much much harder.

And always be selling. Whether raising money, recruiting or convincing potential clients as to why your startup is worth investing time in.

What do you think it takes to become an entrepreneur?

Dedication to your company through thick and thin, taking the knocks and still coming up and getting back in the game. We were turned down by Index Ventures and other big name VC's and variously told by some of them that we lacked the startup 'magic', or that it wasn't scalable, it would take too long or that we didn't have enough skills to get to the stage we are now at. You leave the meeting, take it as a learning experience and get straight back into the fundraising mindset.

(And probably a sense of humour helps!)

What tools & resources have helped you in your startup journey?

The best tools for us have undoubtedly been the ability to scale using Amazon Web Services, Slack for IM communication across our two sites and Google Apps for collaborative working.

Is there anything you can offer to help other startup businesses?

Do it. Work the numbers, be positive, work every day, forget holidays. You won’t have a work/life balance. It’s merged into just ‘life’ and you will be happier for it. People with work/life separation don’t understand this.

You need to be 100% focussed on the business. If you cannot do that, don't do it.

Is there any help that are you looking for?

We'd always welcome support and advice on growth and scaling efficiently. We intend to keep the team as small as possible and maximise efficiency where possible.