Bring your start up business overseas with a website

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Expanding overseas is both a challenge and an aspiration for any start up business. A survey conducted by Pound Sterling Live found that 58% of small and mid-sized companies in the UK plan to enter new markets of the next couple of years. The online generation has made it more possible than ever to spread your business overseas.

A website can be one of the easiest ways to create an entry point for your business abroad. You are able to enter the worldwide market remotely from your usual base.

Listing your business in all relevant business directories can generate momentum into ensuring your businesses has a strong online presence from the very beginning.


Increasing reliability

The promotion of you reliability and trust is key. If people believe your site is not fully accredited or legitimate it can decrease your sales drastically, if not totally.

Think global. Act local.

Although you want to go global, you still need to make sure you are appealing to your target audience within every market. Adapt the language on your website according to the country your targeting. After all, the best website in the world will get nowhere if the target audience can’t understand it!



Be sure that your currency also adapts accordingly with the country you are appealing to. Further more, offer different payment methods for purchasing goods/services. The standard ecommerce payment methods differ with the countries.


Bring people to your website. Bring your story to Storyfied.

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