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Hi, my name is Lesley Bambridge. I am the Founder and Chief Storyteller at Storyfied.

With over 13 years marketing experience, I have built my career by managing some of the UK's biggest household brands (Lucozade, Ferrero Rocher, Aquafresh) where I developed my passion for building brands and creating compelling stories to engage consumers.

Marketing is all about creating and selling stories, outdoing the competition and creating brand equity and loyalty. I believe that one of the most important parts of building a successful startup brand is sharing the story of the entrepreneur behind it.

As a startup brand you have low brand equity as you are just starting out, and so customers will be looking for the story behind the brand, the reason you exist and the person who created it to give them something to trust and buy in to.

You will always be your best brand ambassador, but many entrepreneurs don’t like to be at the forefront of their business - it can be daunting to put yourself out there.

With Storyfied you have a platform that will support you in communicating your brand story in the best possible way, whilst also telling the story of the entrepreneur behind the brand. This is what will inspire customers, build your brand equity and often be the difference between success or failure.

Storyfied exists to give a voice to all the new entrepreneurs and businesses out there looking to make their mark on the world.

As well as running Storyfied, I also run We Mean Business, London - a marketing consultancy dedicated in its mission to support women & entrepreneurs, and I am a Virgin Startup Mentor.

I really hope you enjoy using our site, and welcome your feedback.

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