4 essential tips for a successful online shop

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Starting up an online shop is both exciting and daunting. With ecommerce comes a huge amount of potential sales, with these 4 essential tips you can make sure your online shop is covering all bases and making the most out of the unlimited potential footfall.


Opening an online shop can reduce expenses while maximising on potential profits when considering the costs of rent or buying a high-street store.


Here are our essential tips


  1. Be clear about what your product is

It may sound obvious, but be clear about what you are selling? The sooner you decide on what products you are going to sell the sooner you can tailor fit your website, plan and budgets to fit.

Once you’ve decided what specific products you are going to sell, you can start to research and assess what marketing route is most suited, as well as what pricing is important etc.



  1. Understand your Audience

Having an online shop is a great opportunity to reach out to new customers. In order to effectively reach customer you must understand your target audience. What search engines do they use? What colours do they like? By looking at similar products in your sector you can gage what people like and don’t like about products and so you can start to build your brand image and products to suit.


  1. Choose the right Domain name

    Read ‘How to make it on the Web: Choosing the Perfect Domain Name’ for an in depth definition.

  • Make it SEO Friendly
  • Make it Easy to Type
  • Make it short
  • Make sure your target market love it
  • Make it Memorable


  1. Design your website to fit


Make sure your website is up to scratch. Just like you wouldn’t let your clients walk into your store half-finished, poorly designed or broken- you should never let your clients enter a shabby website.


Think of your website as the same as a physical store. The site should be easy to navigate and easy as possible to buy products.


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